About Us

Our Story


We are a French bakery with a mission to produce authentic, artisan baked goods.
We are dedicated to bringing our customers best hand-formed breads made with
top quality ingredients. In order to allow us to preserve the taste and traditions of
French bread all the flours used for the production are imported from France. Our
breads are frozen right after baking to preserve the freshness of the product.

Knowledge, experience and hard work of our team along with constant quality
control of products contribute us to guarantee the freshest and finest products on
the market. We believe that producing quality products with great value for the
money is the key for our success.

The company was established in 2015 by Gerry Molloy and Olivier Quenet. They were driven by ambition is to bring the best of French tradition to Ireland. Olivier Quenet is an outstanding French chef with many years of experience in Michelin -starred kitchens. He is not only a director of Nature de Pain; he has also established well known French restaurant La Maison.

Our Mission


Nature De Pain’s statement is make the best quality baked goods on site from scratch to provide a product of greatest possible value for our customers.  Each of our ingredients are of high quality and our recipes are constantly updated to ensure a great final product. 



Our factory  is located in Finglas, Dublin 11. In recent years we have moved our plant and invested in top-of-the-range equipment to better serve our customers. Our site operates to the highest standards in food safety and is graded against food safety standards.